Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Too Little Too Late

Here is a article on an Air Force fellow who wants out as a conscientious objector.  The article invites emails, so I sent this note along.

Dear Sergeant Rodriguez,

As a Vietnam era CO, my guess is your CO application will not be granted.  It is too calculated and cerebral, not evisceral.  You seem to be one who would continue to do as ordered rather than go to jail, and would not sabotage and risk a treason charge.

True CO has conscious ritual associated with the objection.  Debate and thought does not reach that level.  If that nauseous feeling had resulted in physical action of some sort (fasting to end the war, say) then your case might be stronger.

Also, to go from warrior to conscientious objector usually involves a conversion experience of some sort.  For example, one might see the role of mission coordination as participating in the third temptation of Jesus in the desert, the horror and the evil of advancing satan's work on earth.

Like many things, it is easier to stay out than get out.  I'm advising young people to stay out here (link to this blog)...

If you read his explanation at the link, you'll note he tried to get out of the Air Force by simply resigning, and THEN tried to go CO.  I did not mention it in my note to him, but a CO is usually pacifist in the sense he is constantly witnessing to anti-war status, his application looks passivist...  I think his application does not look good.

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