Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Live By the Sword...

Die by the sword...

It is not uncommon for the powers that be to 'take care" of extreme elements before striking a peace deal.
The trail of ISIS terror leads painfully, inexorably and unmistakably back to the United States and its allies. ISIS was a creation of the West and its failed policy decisions. Now ISIS is being used as the excuse for further military adventurism in the Middle East.
David sent Uriah into battle to get rid of him, and thus it will ever be...
Theoretically, these battles are good for the Militia, as the Junta spends reserves there quite aimlessly.  That has made the punitive battalions (volunteer units made up of activists/neo-nazis/released criminals) suspect that the Junta command deliberately drives the southern battlegroup into a meat grinder. (That is one version – that they are agents of the Kremlin – another, because that is how Poroshenko gets rid of radical elements). 
Then comes this... an American with the ironic name of Douglas MacArthur McCain gets killed fighting for ISIS this week.

When the Soviets were assured of victory in the east, they advised the Polish underground to rise up against the nazis, in anticipation of the Soviet liberation of Poland.  The cream of Polish talent and leadership rose up against the nazis, and the Soviets sent no help.  The Soviets never had any intention of doing so.  The nazis wiped out the cream of Polish talent, couple of hundred thousand people, and finally came in a year later, to a country devoid of leadership.

Die by the sword.  Violence never works, whether in making change, or in making government.

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Isoyama in Gothenberg

Isoyama Sensei offering a seminar in Gothenberg...  good stuff... looks familiar... the last 3 minutes is especially good...

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Friday, August 8, 2014

Ebola is the New Tuskegee

Well into the 1970s, the USA Centers for Disease control and its predecessor ran curule and harmful experiments on people of African heritage in the USA.  Now it appears they are back at it, this time in Africa itself, with ebola experiments.

Since no one was punished for the crimes in the USA, people feel free to do it again.

We need truth commissions to reveal what is going on.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Initiative is Always With You

Aikido as a martial art is the kinetic expression of a response to an attack. You watch just about any aikido video and see nothing is going on until well within the ma-ai which is fine for some particular technical practice.  The "grab my wrist" practice is fine, but it leaves out about 90% of the action in a particular expression of the art.

Easily 90% of the art is done outside of the ma ai, with the art 90% complete as nage crosses into uke's territory to deal with whatever.   In every instance the initiative is always with you (even if you decide to remain still, in your deciding you took the initiative.)

Ran dori needs to be practiced much more, to include that other 90%, the closing of the space in which the uke sets up what will happen to the nage.  I was surprised to see this video of a young Steven Seagal hanging back in ran dori instead of moving forward.  It must have been back when he was a beginner. (He went straight in instead of to the side and then largely stood still as attackers took the initiative.  I imagine that has been schooled out of him since then.)

Much better to have the initiative at all times especially when confronted with multiple attackers.

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