Sunday, March 27, 2016

Martirossian's Interesting Aikido/Jeet Kune Do

In Seattle we have probably the highest concentration of students of Bruce Lee in the world, and indeed, Bruce Lee is buried in Seattle.  I've met several and practiced with some of his ex-students, and have pictures thereof.  As I watched this fellow, who claims to have studied under a couple of Bruce Lee's Seattle students, I can believe it.  His natural talent is apparent, but he also "gets' Jeet Kune Do and Wing Chun.

His natural talent is shown in his speed, accuracy and power.  His training is shown in his technical excellence.  One of his videos is on JKD and Aikido, which has perplexed some of the viewers of his videos.  Perhaps they came hoping to see Jeet Kune Do Vs Aikido, but no, they see a JKD grand master doing aikido, as well as JKD.  And not only doing aikido, but the kind that looks most ridiculous!  "I am kneeling, grab my wrist!"  The mind boggles.  But but but... aikido is BS, and it does not work!
Juan RDZ1 month agoDoes that Aikido shiit really work ?? Or is bunch of bologna ??
why MMA/UFC don't use Aikido ??
How can this grand master be using it?!?! Commenters are openly agog.
Sifu Emil Martirossian is a talented Martial Artist, Instructor, Actor and Fight Choreographer. He specialises in street self defence training, Jeet Kune Do, unarmed combat and close quarter techniques.
And here is the video in question:

What's up with the aikido?  Is he for real here...?  Sure, why not?  It is what aikido looks like.  He is also adding it to the end of JKD moves.  Indeed, the stepping on the toes is pure Bernie Lau Sensei.

Martirossian Sifu seems to be a beginner at the aikido as aikido, but his application in JKD is world-class.  Perhaps this is merely documenting how he is weaving in what he can use from classic aikido into JKD, rather the selling point of JKD... "what works..."

Jesse Glover, who wrote a book on his training with Bruce Lee in the early days used to come by our aikido dojo at 306 S Main and watch us for hours.  Some of his students joined us, for the intensity level at which we practiced and the principles which were taught were useful.  I would never say aikido had a lot of influence on any of these people, since most of aikido, as a martial art is nothing new to most martial artists.  Just interesting differences, and maybe some clearly stated principles.

Aristotle said to be interesting you had to be different.  Just so.

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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Aikido and Hard Falls: The Earth is Your Partner

What few people understand about aikido, and I am afraid too many aikidoka, is that it is not about how hard you can hit or how cleverly you can pin for submission, but how hard you are attacked.  Your defense is to simply send the attacker on his way, usually the way he was going.  The end is the ground.  The energy of the attacker misses you and becomes one with planet earth, and as much energy as your attacker has for you, it is passed on to the planet.  Those two become one, advantage planet earth.

This is not only aikido, but also judo, although judo much includes submission.  I was offered this revelation by a judoka half my size who drilled me into the mats and literally took my breath away.  (Since the top aikido teachers came out of judo, I consider judo remedial aikido especially for koshinage). Later a fellow half again my size did it as well.  I watched a young man go into convulsions who was slammed into the mats in a practice.  I much prefer submission to ippon, a clean smack to the mats.

With the ground as the end, your attacker is given condign response.  At the same time, this unique aspect makes sparring a challenge since few people in other styles have the aikidoka skill in falling.  Judo people do of course, but not the striking arts or other submission arts.

Something I see atrophying as I travel and practice is this very aspect of aikido.  Clubs more and more are very careful about anyone rolling into another or a wall.  This is the same impulse that declaws a pet cat so no one gets scratched.  Cats come with claws, so we need to learn not to piss off a cat.  One scratch ought to do it.

Aikidoka need to learn that the hard fall is a safety technique, when nage slams uke down rather than let uke hit another falling uke, or a wall.  At the same time uke needs to learn to see what is happening around him as he attacks, and take steps to preserve himself, such as grab nage's gi on the way down and take a hard fall.

Indeed, ran dori is effective only if nage is throwing people into each other and walls, otherwise the swarm will get you.  All practice should be dynamic in which all students are constantly adjusting to the chaotic conditions of combat.  The paradox is the less rules the more safe practice and the better the aikidoka.

At least one third of all aikido falls ought to be hard on any given practice.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Bernie Lau and The Hit

Bernie Lau is an aikido instructor of mine, going back to 1971, and I helped him confect his memoires for eight years last decade.  Here is a version of a story I know well, as told to a local radio station.
I stayed calm, but my thoughts were racing. I thought, I can’t believe what I’m hearing. Here I am sitting in a restaurant where I’ve just enjoyed a great meal. I now have a Chinese elder standing at my table, offering me $25,000 cash to “take care of Ben Ng.” Me, a white guy (but with a Chinese stepfather), being offered such a task. What an honor, really. I was blown away.
Lau is full-bred French, francophone as his native language, but was adopted into a Chinese family in Hawaii and so fluent in Hawaiian pidgen.  He is always a good time.

Note he did not do the hit.

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Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Best (anti) War Movie

This is the best war movie, that is to say anti-war movie, ever made.  I've seen all the USA war movies, and every single one is a fantasy, even such realistic movies as Full Metal jacket and Saving Ryan's Privates.  USA war movies must be fantasies to keep the Hegemon happy.

But out of nowhere, in an obscure language (with English subtitles) comes a war movie with subtlety in metaphysics matched only by realistic soldier action.  The acting is phenomenal and better than anything for which the academy issues awards, and the story timeless.  And a great story it is, as opposed to pointless fiction of USA oscar tripe.

Give it a view and tell me if I am wrong:

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