Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Bernie Lau and The Hit

Bernie Lau is an aikido instructor of mine, going back to 1971, and I helped him confect his memoires for eight years last decade.  Here is a version of a story I know well, as told to a local radio station.
I stayed calm, but my thoughts were racing. I thought, I can’t believe what I’m hearing. Here I am sitting in a restaurant where I’ve just enjoyed a great meal. I now have a Chinese elder standing at my table, offering me $25,000 cash to “take care of Ben Ng.” Me, a white guy (but with a Chinese stepfather), being offered such a task. What an honor, really. I was blown away.
Lau is full-bred French, francophone as his native language, but was adopted into a Chinese family in Hawaii and so fluent in Hawaiian pidgen.  He is always a good time.

Note he did not do the hit.

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