Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Human Sacrifice

Why would a woman want to serve in the military; why would a woman want to be in a front line combat role?

"The fact is that American women are already serving in harm's way today all over the world and in every branch of our armed forces," he said in a statement. "Many have made the ultimate sacrifice, and our nation owes them a deep debt of gratitude."
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As to the question, fill in whatever answer you like here:





Now, the next question is, clearly nothing in that answer is as challenging, interesting, valuable, appreciated or needed as the role of wife and mother, something only a woman could do.

So why would a woman settle for less?

If the role of wife and mother is so denigrated, and the security of wives and mothers so attenuated that being a soldier is preferable, then it can make sense a woman would prefer to be a soldier than a wife and mother.

In centuries to come we'll be thought of as having so abandoned women and children in law and culture that women volunteered to fight on the front lines.

This is madness.

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Detroit Up 2200%

The city of Detroit can no longer collect taxes, because it no longer provides police and fire services.  So do we have chaos in Detroit?  No, we have anarchy.

Justifiable homicide in the city shot up 79 percent in 2011 from the previous year, as citizens in the long-suffering city armed themselves and took matters into their own hands. The local rate of self-defense killings now stands 2,200 percent above the national average. Residents, unable to rely on a dwindling police force to keep them safe, are fighting back against the criminal scourge on their own. And they’re offering no apologies.

Read how Karen de Costner, a Detroitois, is noting how her fellow Detroitoisie are simply killing malefactors since the cops only exist to make chalk outlines around those who wait for the police.  Tax preparers, high school coaches, utility workers are a simply offing those who rob and murder freelance, since the Detroit Police department does not have the funds to hire them as police officers, such as we have in Seattle.

Up to about 150 years ago, defendants in English courts we either led out the back door to be hanged or called not guilty and sent out the front door to freedom.  There was no such thing as "jail."  There was the Tower for political prisoners, but otherwise, you were either guilty or not guilty, and the King's justice was swift (right or wrong).

To have jails full of largely innocent people is a progressive innovation, and Detroit is just ahead of the curve in anarchy.  Detroit is the USA of tomorrow.  I've said good thing about Detroit before, for years, just check out my biz blog.  We have a system now that keeps the worst safe until they can be re-released on society to rape, murder, maim and rob again.

What is a conscientious objector doing accepting that citizens bump off malefactors?  I am doing what the economists call free-riding.  In a free market, if shunning does not work, the extremely few tax preparers, high school coaches and utility workers who through what the Catholic Church calls "invincible ignorance" simply whack any threat to themselves, keep the rest of us safe and the community at large in peace.  I didn't write the rules, c'est la vie.

What Orwell said, and no doubt regretted, about hard men standing watch at night is sheer nonsense.  It is the grinning utility pole climber who levels two punks that keeps us safe, by the grace of God.  And I see a pattern, cops spray dozens of rounds and maybe hit the "perp" twice, whereas it seems citizens make a kill in a shot or two.  Someone ought to study this.  Do citizens make better cops since they pay for their own bullets?

I never feel as uncomfortable as when I enter a coffee shop and see armed cops.  And never as relaxed as when I see (for I can spot) concealed carry citizens in other places.  In time Detroit will show the errant nonsense of this recent, failed experiment in having police departments, and we return to some semblance of civilization.

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Thursday, February 21, 2013


This is the best video on rolling I've seen...

To which I added my comment...
I've been practicing since 1971, and got my training with the very best students of O Sensei.  This has got to be the best video I have seen of "how to" on rolling.  I've never seen the side roll taught.  My only problem is "who are you?"  There is enough information to suggest this is from the Philippines, but there are a lot of dojos there.  I want to put this on my short list of dojos to visit in my life.  Fess up, who are you?

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How America Works

When the disgraced Admiral Poindexter was resurrected to announce the ill-fated TIA, the idea was shot down.  Shortly thereafter, the CIA set up shop in the Silicon Valley.  It has been backing social network sites ever since.

The big infusion of cash that sent Mark Zuckerberg and his fledgling college enterprise on their way came from Accel Partners, in 2004.
Jim Breyer, head of Accel, attached a $13 million rocket to Facebook, and nothing has ever been the same.
Earlier that same year, a man named Gilman Louie joined the board of the National Venture Capital Association of America (NVCA). The chairman of NVCA? Jim Breyer. Gilman Louie happened to be the first CEO of the important CIA start-up, In-Q-Tel.
In-Q-Tel was founded in 1999, with the express purpose of funding companies that could develop technology the CIA would use to “gather data.”

Now, I really could care less one way or another, except that it is a stunning waste of taxpayers money. In the name of national security, we are all constantly informing on ourselves.  Not that any of this will be used to curb terrorism or prevent crime, only that when the powers that be want to take someone out, they can simply go to their database and pull out enough to destroy him.

Before that, they had to build a false case against you, or assassinate you.  Now, big improvement, they can build an accurate against you.  Against everyone.  It is so much more liberal now.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sophie's False Choice & Permission

William Styron had a best seller which turned into a movie called Sophie's Choice, about a Polish woman whose ill-fortne it was to be on the arriving platform at a concentration camp with her 3 yo daughter and 5 yo boy.  A drunk SS captain, desiring to test God, found in Sophie the chance.  The captain told Sophie to choose which child should live and which should die.  Styron makes the whole scene believable, with the terrible argument back and forth, if she did not choose one, both would die, Sophie makes her choice and the doomed child shrieks as it is dragged away.

It was so well written it took me a while to figure out what the problem was.  Sophie did not have permission to make that choice.  She was never given the right to decide who lives and who dies when she was given lives to care for.  When the nazi captain said choose, her answer should have been "I do  not have permission to make such a choice."

The captain would have reminded her both would die.  To which her reply ought to be "If one, both, or neither dies, that is your choice not mine.  I have no power here, only you have the power to decide."

The captain may say he is giving her the power to save one, but her reply should be the ground-shifting "i do not have permission to make such a choice."

Whence permission?  Only from God, He who the captain as testing.  No doubt the drunken captain would have packed both off to die at her conscientious objection, but perhaps he would have reflected on his actions and permission and the God he was wondering about.  And since life went rather downhill from that point for Sophie et fil, the early death of both kids would have been better.

We are all given false choices to consider, but we must be ready to consider whether the power that is given to us is legitimate.  Usually not.  If not, you do not have permission to exercise it.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Selecting Illegal Immigrants for the Draft

I though this was interesting...

If you are a man ages 18 through 25 and living in the U.S., then you must register with Selective Service.

So if just visiting, you might get snatched for the military?  I guess if you have a visa "document" then no problem...  but working here, a migrant farm labor, you must register.  Yikes!  We used to carry our draft cards lest we be stopped and whisked away until further proof of our status.

Selective Service does not collect any information which would indicate whether or not you are undocumented. You want to protect yourself for future U.S. citizenship and other government benefits and programs by registering with Selective Service. Do it today.
If you are a man ages 18 through 25 and living in the U.S., then you must register with Selective Service. It’s the law. According to law, a man must register with Selective Service within 30 days of his 18th birthday. Selective Service will accept late registrations but not after a man has reached age 26. You may be denied benefits or a job if you have not registered. You can register at any U.S. Post Office and do not need a social security number.When you do obtain a social security number, let Selective Service know. Provide a copy of your new social security number card; being sure to include your complete name, date of birth, Selective Service registration number, and current mailing address; and mail to the Selective Service System, P.O. Box 94636, Palatine, IL 60094-4636.

That word "man" is black in the original...  I guess be eligible for the draft makes you a man.

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Child Sacrifice, USA 2013

Panarchist Micahel Rosen has a nice list of things to which to conscientiously object:

America systematically mistreats its young, a partial list:
1. Burdening them with a monstrous debt
2. Raising them in an environment of perpetual war
3. Inflicting the public school system on them
4. Over-prescribing them with drugs
5. Suppressing masculinity
6. Shifting the fruits of their labor to retirees
7. Raising increasing numbers in single-parent families
8. Forcing mothers out of homes and into the workforce
9. Discouraging work and encouraging profiting from drugs
10. Discouraging saving and a long-term horizon

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Still... Not Drafting Women

Although the Selective Service has plans for all people with any medical skills to be drafted, including 63 yo women gynecologists, the Selective Service clarifies:

Even though the Secretary of Defense has decided to allow women in combat jobs, the law has not been changed to include this. Consequently, only men are currently required to register by law with Selective Service during ages 18 thru 25. Women still do not register. (January 24, 2013)

But Leon Panetta may have changed that:

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta recently announced the administration's intent to eliminate military women's exemptions from direct ground combat battalions. Unless Congress intervenes, a future court will impose Selective Service obligations on unsuspecting civilian women, on the same basis as men, despite findings that point to differences in women's physiology and performance capabilities. This will drive down tough training standards and weaken the military.

The selective service website is moving awfully slow.  Perhaps inquiring minds are alarmed.

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Standing Army

One reason we have trouble in the economy etc is the USA was not designed to have a standing army.   And certainly not one as provincial as a small town.   When a mayor thinks he is not getting enough taxpayer money, he closes the libraries and parks, things people actually use, until they fork over the money for the useless and pointless.

Given that there may be a slight decrease in the rate of growth of USA military spending, a top general is threatening to keep USA soldiers in Afghanistan longer.

Rep. Howard "Buck" McKeon, the Republican chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, said Friday that he expects the sequester to go into effect March 1, triggering $46 billion in automatic cuts to the overall Pentagon budget through September. "I think it's going to happen," McKeon told reporters. "We have just not been able to get past the politics of it to really focus in on the devastating effects."

Now, given that one prime reason for soldiers killing themselves in Afghanistan is the ennui and horror of being an occupation force, to use them as hostages for more money is pretty appalling.

We were not supposed to have a standing army.  With no standing army, picking a general by political process is fine.  But with a standing army, picking a general by a political process (president nominates, congress approves) just yields more politicians and cash-o-rama.

Time to sequester the money and cut the military back to purely defensive.  At least.

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

How Many Will Die For Your Values?

This is the kind of silly arguments that people who hate love to make.

In essence Cheney is arguing the ends justify the means.  The fact that an adult in USA, and one in power, could say such a thing is damnable to the rest of us.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wrestling Out of Olympics?

Few people realize what a political racket the Olympics have become, no longer about sports but base crass commercialism.

Wrestling was voted out from a final group that also included modern pentathlon, taekwondo and field hockey, officials familiar with the vote told The Associated Press. They spoke on condition of anonymity because the voting details were not made public.
The board voted after reviewing a report by the IOC program commission report that analyzed 39 criteria, including television ratings, ticket sales, anti-doping policy and global participation and popularity. With no official rankings or recommendations contained in the report, the final decision by the 15-member board was also subject to political, emotional and sentimental factors.

So go solo, and make wrestling up there with World Cup style sports, independent of the Olympics.  Feel Free To Email This To Three Friends.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Monday, February 4, 2013

Before Vaccinating Your Child...

Ask your doctor to sign this reasonable verification form...

PHYSICIAN’S WARRANTY OF VACCINE SAFETYI (Physician’s name, degree)_______________, _____ am a physician licensed to practice medicine in the State/Province of _________. My State/Provincial license number is ___________ , and my DEA number is ____________. My medical specialty is _______________I have a thorough understanding of the risks and benefits of all the medications that I prescribe for or administer to my patients. In the case of (Patient’s name) ______________ , age _____ , whom I have examined, I find that certain risk factors exist that justify the recommended vaccinations. The following is a list of said risk factors and the vaccinations that will protect against them:
Risk Factor __________________________
Vaccination __________________________
Risk Factor __________________________
Vaccination __________________________
Risk Factor __________________________
Vaccination __________________________

I am aware that vaccines may contain many of the following chemicals, excipients, preservatives and fillers:
* aluminum hydroxide
* aluminum phosphate
* ammonium sulfate
* amphotericin B
* animal tissues: pig blood, horse blood, rabbit brain,
* arginine hydrochloride
* dog kidney, monkey kidney,
* dibasic potassium phosphate
* chick embryo, chicken egg, duck egg
* calf (bovine) serum
* betapropiolactone
* fetal bovine serum
* formaldehyde
* formalin
* gelatin
* gentamicin sulfate
* glycerol
* human diploid cells (originating from human aborted fetal tissue)
* hydrocortisone
* hydrolized gelatin
* mercury thimerosol (thimerosal, Merthiolate(r))
* monosodium glutamate (MSG)
* monobasic potassium phosphate
* neomycin
* neomycin sulfate
* nonylphenol ethoxylate
* octylphenol ethoxylate
* octoxynol 10
* phenol red indicator
* phenoxyethanol (antifreeze)
* potassium chloride
* potassium diphosphate
* potassium monophosphate
* polymyxin B
* polysorbate 20
* polysorbate 80
* porcine (pig) pancreatic hydrolysate of casein
* residual MRC5 proteins
* sodium deoxycholate
* sorbitol
* thimerosal
* tri(n)butylphosphate,
* VERO cells, a continuous line of monkey kidney cells, and
* washed sheep red blood
and, hereby, warrant that these ingredients are safe for injection into the body of my patient. I have researched reports to the contrary, such as reports that mercury thimerosal causes severe neurological and immunological damage, and find that they are not credible.
I am aware that some vaccines have been found to have been contaminated with Simian Virus 40 (SV 40) and that SV 40 is causally linked by some researchers to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and mesotheliomas in humans as well as in experimental animals. I hereby warrant that the vaccines I employ in my practice do not contain SV 40 or any other live viruses. (Alternately, I hereby warrant that said SV-40 virus or other viruses pose no substantive risk to my patient.)
I hereby warrant that the vaccines I am recommending for the care of (Patient’s name) _______________ do not contain any tissue from aborted human babies (also known as “fetuses”).
In order to protect my patient’s well being, I have taken the following steps to guarantee that the vaccines I will use will contain no damaging contaminants.
STEPS TAKEN: _________________________
I have personally investigated the reports made to the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) and state that it is my professional opinion that the vaccines I am recommending are safe for administration to a child under the age of 5 years.
The bases for my opinion are itemized on Exhibit A, attached hereto, — “Physician’s Bases for Professional Opinion of Vaccine Safety.” (Please itemize each recommended vaccine separately along with the bases for arriving at the conclusion that the vaccine is safe for administration to a child under the age of 5 years.)
The professional journal articles I have relied upon in the issuance of this Physician’s Warranty of Vaccine Safety are itemized on Exhibit B , attached hereto, — “Scientific Articles in Support of Physician’s Warranty of Vaccine Safety.”
The professional journal articles that I have read which contain opinions adverse to my opinion are itemized on Exhibit C , attached hereto, — “Scientific Articles Contrary to Physician’s Opinion of Vaccine Safety”
The reasons for my determining that the articles in Exhibit C were invalid are delineated in Attachment D , attached hereto, — “Physician’s Reasons for Determining the Invalidity of Adverse Scientific Opinions.”
Hepatitis B
I understand that 60 percent of patients who are vaccinated for Hepatitis B will lose detectable antibodies to Hepatitis B within 12 years. I understand that in 1996 only 54 cases of Hepatitis B were reported to the CDC in the 0-1 year age group. I understand that in the VAERS, there were 1,080 total reports of adverse reactions from Hepatitis B vaccine in 1996 in the 0-1 year age group, with 47 deaths reported.
I understand that 50 percent of patients who contract Hepatitis B develop no symptoms after exposure. I understand that 30 percent will develop only flu-like symptoms and will have lifetime immunity. I understand that 20 percent will develop the symptoms of the disease, but that 95 percent will fully recover and have lifetime immunity.
I understand that 5 percent of the patients who are exposed to Hepatitis B will become chronic carriers of the disease. I understand that 75 percent of the chronic carriers will live with an asymptomatic infection and that only 25 percent of the chronic carriers will develop chronic liver disease or liver cancer, 10-30 years after the acute infection. The following scientific studies have been performed to demonstrate the safety of the Hepatitis B vaccine in children under the age of 5 years.
____________________________________ _____________________________________
In addition to the recommended vaccinations as protections against the above cited risk factors, I have recommended other non-vaccine measures to protect the health of my patient and have enumerated said non-vaccine measures on Exhibit D , attached hereto, “Non-vaccine Measures to Protect Against Risk Factors” I am issuing this Physician’s Warranty of Vaccine Safety in my professional capacity as the attending physician to (Patient’s name) ________________________________. Regardless of the legal entity under which I normally practice medicine, I am issuing this statement in both my business and individual capacities and hereby waive any statutory, Common Law, Constitutional, UCC, international treaty, and any other legal immunities from liability lawsuits in the instant case. I issue this document of my own free will after consultation with competent legal counsel whose name is _____________________________, an attorney admitted to the Bar in the State of __________________ .
_________________________ (Name of Attending Physician)
______________________ L.S. (Signature of Attending Physician)
Signed on this _______ day of ______________ A.D. ________
Witness: _________________ Date: _____________________
Notary Public: _____________Date: ______________________

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Controlling Violence: Disarm the Police First

Last century over 50 million people were killed by men in uniforms of their own countries.  The 2nd Amendment is not about hunting, or defending against bad guys, but defending against the police, soldiers and other state actors.

Countries where citizens are freely armed tend to defeat the USA when we invade.

Many people are calling for banning assault weapons, or even all guns.  They point to the UK as a good example of gun control.  OK.  In the UK, the police are not armed. Disarm the police first, and then let's see if the people feel they need guns as much.

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Refusers Hit the Right Note

Cast out one demon and seven return to take its place.

In Seattle the WTO was shut done and run out of town.  The Refusers open song about that event, and then link it to the flu vaccine movement.  Very well done!

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Violence and Fraud

Initiating violence or fraud is essentially an act in which the initiator sees the target as a thing and no longer human.  They call the person to be cheated in a card game "the mark," the enemy "slopehead" or "redskins" or "crackers" or "loan applicants."  To engage in violence or fraud is to dehumanize others.

Aikido is pacifism in action, which is an active program of pacifying violence and fraud by objecting to the essential dehumanization of the target.  (I not sure I like the word "victim.")  Yes, we respond with force, mostly the aggressor's force, but force, and how! but the fact that we do not try to maim or kill, that we train to pacify, not kill, means we keep it at the human level.  god said "thou shalt not kill."  Jesus cleared the aggressors from the temple (possibly twice) with a force that sent them running.  turning over the dove cages may have injured the doves, so He merely ordered their release, and order obeyed immediately, due to the force be with Him.

Of course I am not talking about that wasted force we see in practice, where residual aggression shows up in the frustrated aikidoka who cannot get the technique to work, yet.  I am talking about pacifying that negative, lethal aggression and fraud that targets you as less than human.

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