Saturday, February 16, 2013

Standing Army

One reason we have trouble in the economy etc is the USA was not designed to have a standing army.   And certainly not one as provincial as a small town.   When a mayor thinks he is not getting enough taxpayer money, he closes the libraries and parks, things people actually use, until they fork over the money for the useless and pointless.

Given that there may be a slight decrease in the rate of growth of USA military spending, a top general is threatening to keep USA soldiers in Afghanistan longer.

Rep. Howard "Buck" McKeon, the Republican chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, said Friday that he expects the sequester to go into effect March 1, triggering $46 billion in automatic cuts to the overall Pentagon budget through September. "I think it's going to happen," McKeon told reporters. "We have just not been able to get past the politics of it to really focus in on the devastating effects."

Now, given that one prime reason for soldiers killing themselves in Afghanistan is the ennui and horror of being an occupation force, to use them as hostages for more money is pretty appalling.

We were not supposed to have a standing army.  With no standing army, picking a general by political process is fine.  But with a standing army, picking a general by a political process (president nominates, congress approves) just yields more politicians and cash-o-rama.

Time to sequester the money and cut the military back to purely defensive.  At least.

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