Thursday, February 21, 2013

How America Works

When the disgraced Admiral Poindexter was resurrected to announce the ill-fated TIA, the idea was shot down.  Shortly thereafter, the CIA set up shop in the Silicon Valley.  It has been backing social network sites ever since.

The big infusion of cash that sent Mark Zuckerberg and his fledgling college enterprise on their way came from Accel Partners, in 2004.
Jim Breyer, head of Accel, attached a $13 million rocket to Facebook, and nothing has ever been the same.
Earlier that same year, a man named Gilman Louie joined the board of the National Venture Capital Association of America (NVCA). The chairman of NVCA? Jim Breyer. Gilman Louie happened to be the first CEO of the important CIA start-up, In-Q-Tel.
In-Q-Tel was founded in 1999, with the express purpose of funding companies that could develop technology the CIA would use to “gather data.”

Now, I really could care less one way or another, except that it is a stunning waste of taxpayers money. In the name of national security, we are all constantly informing on ourselves.  Not that any of this will be used to curb terrorism or prevent crime, only that when the powers that be want to take someone out, they can simply go to their database and pull out enough to destroy him.

Before that, they had to build a false case against you, or assassinate you.  Now, big improvement, they can build an accurate against you.  Against everyone.  It is so much more liberal now.

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