Friday, July 20, 2012

Irresponsible Movie-Goers

News reports tell us a gunman entered a crowded theatre showing the hyper-violent latest Batman movie and opened fire.  A terribly sad thing.

News reports call this a tragedy.  Odd that.  A tragedy is when a hero has some fault that brings him down.  This was not a tragedy, this was a crime, murder.

The people in the theatre must believe in violence to solve problems, which is the theme of the trilogy.  Yet no one in the theatre was armed?  How strange.

It is a problem when people do not take responsibility for their views.  If you believe violence is the response to violence, then you should be prepared to meet violence with violence, that is, be armed.

Yes, the state has arrogated unto itself a monopoly on violence, but that is a mistake when seconds count and the police are minutes away.

Conscientious objectors take responsibility for their views.  Too many of those who believe in violence, even watch movies glorifying violence, do not.

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