Friday, November 2, 2012

We Are All African American Now

Last night at SFO, where all lines feed through the Rapescan, I as I have done before say I loudly and clearly, " I will not go through that machine"

"Male opt out!"  and  "Please stand there."

"I will not stand there because I cannot see my bags."

"umm...ok...stand where you can see your bags."

The from behind me, "I will not go through that machine..."

"Umm... ok  "Male opt on two."

And then another... "I will not go through that machine..."

"Make opt out on three!"

I got a triple!

Anyway, my ticket to where I want to go in TSA is in relation to my bags.

"Those bags are not leaving my sight!"

"Um... ok..."

TSA folds when you demand to keep your bags in sight.  Remember what Alinsky pointed out, just follow their rules.  Assiduously.

AS I am being "stopped and frisked" I assume the attitude of ennui I saw in so many people of some African heritage over the years on the streets of USA, who were being harassed for no reason whatsoever.    I never said anything then, so what goes around comes around.  We are all of African heritage now in USA.

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