Friday, April 19, 2013

Selling Homosexuals Down the River

I object to state power because I see what it does.  I know if I had it I would be every bit as corrupt as those who do have it.  Then there is the flipside, the citizens who are corrupted by the acts of the powerful.  I call it "selling people down the river.

Selling people down the river is nothing new.  As often is the case, the Bible has several early examples, such as when Abram said his wife was his sister, or more literally when Joseph's brothers sold him down the river.

We can pick anytime in history, and see Irish selling Irish down the river, Congolese selling Congolese, and so on.  It happens when state power distorts normal human relationship balances.  

One current event is the push for "gay marriage."  Big deal, right?  The assumption is "why not..?  If they want that, who cares.?"  Well, there are those who world state power who are very nasty characters, plus shifting political winds.   Does anyone remember the "AIDS crisis"?  Castro responded to the epidemic by imprisoning those afflicted.  That is one political response.

The term Patient Zero refers to the 'hub' of an epidemiological study conducted very early on in the epidemic by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia. The study traced the sexual contacts of one group of gay men with AIDS who had had sex with each other before anyone knew that AIDS was caused by a virus, or realized that it had already been with us for at least a decade, if not decades. 

Dugas didn't bring AIDS to Vancouver. The first death occurred in 1981. But people here were growing frightened as gay men returning from trips to New York and San Francisco brought back one horror story after another.

AIDS.  CDC study early on.  First death 1981.

The Tuskegee Experiments, run by the CDC, were ended about 1973.  Nobody went to prison, nobody was hanged.  Quite the contrary.  Perpetrators went on to bigger and better things.

Within a few years of ending the Tuskegee Experiments, the first death from a virus/cancer was recorded.  Aids.  Which by the way kills far more black Africans than USA gays, because the medicine is so expensive.  The CDC was in on the study of AIDS very early on. Odd that, when they tend to miss everything else.

The state offers a platform for those with lethal agendas to play them out.  When political winds get behind one side or another, things get lethal.  They do even if most Americans would have objected to the Tuskegee Experiments, the crime went on.  There is simply no mechanism to check abuse by individual state workers, especially when the conspire.  "Mistakes were made, now it is time to move forward."

There will be a political backlash in time to "gay marriage."  When it gets down to selling your gay friends down the river, I know what I will do... I'll sell them down the river.  We all do.  The time to conscientiously object is now.  Say no now so we won't have to turn them in later.

Of course it may never happen, but such events happen all the time.  We sell people who self-medicate down the river, we sell people who are here "illegally" (as if wanting to work or visit your family is a crime) down the river, why not more so gays?

Resist accepting power you would not want your enemies to have.

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