Thursday, January 30, 2014

Better Times

It is important to the powers that be to murder leaders because they are an effective check as a moral conscience on their followers.  If King lived, he would be criticizing the vast left wing sellout to the right that occurred over the last 50 years.

Here at UCBerkeley in May 1967 was a real rally with a real person, Dr. King,  speaking accurately about the USA foreign policy, and its violence and crime.  Less than a year later USA soldiers were caught in one atrocity, My Lai, covered up for a while by Colin Powell.

It is a safe bet, without the guidance of Dr. King, probably every single person in that crowd is now enjoying a sinecure of some sort rooted in the violence of the USA state.  Like Colin Powell, American murder as foreign policy works for progressives, as long as the progressives get their booty from the violent state.  They do.  When USA borrows 46 cents out of every dollar, the lenders must be convinced they will be paid back.  USA military presence in 120 plus countries makes that credible.  There is enough for the left and right wing, hence their cooperation.

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