Monday, May 19, 2014

Offense V Defense

One can see plainly enough that offense needs room and defense prefers constriction.  Think of the castle, where resources are concentrated for defense.  In boxing the attacker left jab jab right punch while circling the defender.  The defender is "keeping his hands up" to protect his head.  An attacker will circle around while a defender will back up against a wall.

In judo the easiest place to defend from is on the ground, on your back.

Aikido as a martial art continues to confound:  it is in defending where the room is needed and where an attack, an atemi, that all is constricted, but for the briefest moment.  While the attacker is preparing, we are moving into position.  Although almost all aikido practice starts from a static position, almost all self-defense should be from a dynamic position.

Aikido uses the opponents power, usually to either unwind the force and redirect, or merely redirect.  This takes room, more room usually than the attacker is using.

As to atemi, in response to an attack,  it is usually one focussed strike within an overall movement.

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