Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Training With Adrenalin

When the fear hits you and your reflexes explode and your pores open to suck in as much oxygen to burn as possible in support of your lungs doing the same, and the hi-performance adrenalin come pouring into your system, you see the untrained flailing about, swinging wildly, tripping, doing as much injury to self as others.

A part of training is to work at that level.  Get to the point where the adrenalin is flowing and you can maintain your moves and balance.  Let the adrenalin be a matter of joy, not fear, where you are doing your best work because of the threat, not out of control because of the threat.

I listened to Chrissie Hynd talk about playing to the guy doing the goofy dance on the balcony or the other musicians watching them play closely, that is the shared joy of it all.  All violent encounters need to be met with all that power and joy brought to the idea of "game on!"

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