Thursday, October 2, 2014

Scottish Elections Stolen

This video tells us nothing.  A fellow in a truck is showing us pieces of paper and making a rather large claim.  If we don't have who, what, where, when and usually why, there is no story.

There are too many problems with the story:

1. They may be real, counted, and lost after counting.

2. They may be fake.

3. They may have been fraudulently uncounted, but those 200 ballots are the extent of it, and make no difference anyway.

Now what if they proved, forensically to be real? and stolen?  There should be the voters' fingerprints and the counters' fingerprints.  Election fraud people would wear gloves.  The counter whose fingerprints are on the ballots can be tracked and time accounted for.  Too easy one way or another to sort this out.

But what if it is proven they were stolen, and in fact the entire election stolen?  (Usually too big of a job to discern by proper investigative techniques).  The you know the election was stolen.  So what?

Have another election.  Or not.  Just know the bad guys steal elections.  OK, if so, then...  operate knowing full well that is part of the mix, the milieu in which you live.

Never look to violence to change things.  the regime by definition is propped up by violence, and to go violent yourself is like trying to put out a fire with gasoline.

Cool down, think, know you can always outsmart people whose existence depends on violence.  Not only do they have to sleep sometime, they also have to blink.  For people who depend on violence, a blink is far too long to have your eyes closed.

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