Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Dee Harkey: US Marshall/Anarchist

The Wild West was fairly anarchic, and rather productive:

According to U.S. Marshal Dee Harkey, the reality of the old West was order without law, society without state. It was anarchy in action.Dee Harkey was ninety-two years-old in 1958. At his home in New Mexico, the former lawman gave an interview to Monk Lofton just two weeks before he passed away. Harkey set the record straight about the old West. He also expressed the unease he felt for his own role in transferring the responsibility of law from the individual to the state.

I've made about a half-dozen arrests, citizen arrests, because I am a pacifist and a anarchist.  I don't think there should be police officers.  One these that always surprises me, is how people generally  accept being arrested.  It is like kids who push things until they are stopped.  I've had to get physical, but certainly I'd be no match for the PCP-laced berzerker, but that is why God put the invincibly ignorant among us who would simply kill the mad dog.  And then honestly say killing is wrong.  "Was that killing you just did wrong?"  "Yes, but he is dead." Or something like that.

There is necessary and sufficient violence among us without the state to deal with the bad guys.

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