Thursday, December 24, 2015

Why There Are No Concealed Carry Laws for Knives

When do you find out you are in a knife fight?

When the knife is in you.

Most jurisdictions outlaw pocket knives of three inches or longer, and will not permit any knives over six inches or more.  No where will any jurisdiction give a permit to carry a knife for self-protection.  They'd rather you had a gun.  If you are on your way to work as a chef with your knife roll, or a fisherman with tackle, you might be let go, but there is far more fear of knives than guns by law enforcement and anyone sane.

This video explains how cops need to keep their distance, or be ready for hand to hand.  Well, be better be ready for hand to hand.  Practice like a knife is involved (another aikido advantage, the moves come from sword and knife fighting), expect to get cut at least, and get in close as fast as possible.

Here is a famous knife assault, and watch how the secret service respond when the First Lady of the Philippines is attacked.

That's right, keep your distance!  Get him from behind.  (The fellow was gunned after he was downed by fellows hitting him from behind.)

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