Wednesday, January 18, 2017

New Years Misogi Training

I found myself in Deauville France, on the Normandy Coast at noon January 1, 2017, after partying until 4 in the morning.  I and about 100 of what became my closest friends for a few minutes went in to the Atlantic Ocean (or whatever it is called there, heck, I don't speak French) for a dip. To the delight of about 500 spectators.

The weather was freezing, but the ocean there was a nice 50F (10 celsius) rather warm I understand but  the cold but calm weather meant the ocean was not kicked up so the lower colder water was not on top where we were swimming.

This is what one would call misogi training, but that has a spiritual dimension, and I get my spirituality from G-d, through the Catholics, as long as they'll have me.  (Christianity is voluntary, but they can throw you out.)

And besides, this was too fun to be any sort of penance.

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