Sunday, May 6, 2012

Colonel Sanders and Just War

With the formation of the United States, the presumption was we would never have a standing army, and a civilian, the President, would be Commander in Chief of any Army.

If we needed an army, business people would form "companies" of private soldiers and serve to fight the enemy.  Companies would gather and assign themselves to ever more accomplished businesspeople, who would then seek and get commissions from the President.  All general officers would be approved by Congress, as they are to this day.

Now this is a hard way to run an empire, so we got rid of it.  People who have better things to do are not interested in pointless war.  Career military people all want war, because their career depends on it.  Move up or out.  War makes for promotion opportunities.  "Out" is something to be dreaded.

A Colonel Sanders has to be very ticked off by some bad people for him to abandon his work and raise a company to go fight.  And when the fight is over he is in a hurry to return to his work.  Military life is no good, and he wants out as soon as necessary.

Not so with the system we have now.  We need to return to the peace and prosperity we once had.

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