Sunday, May 20, 2012

War and Student Loans

We've crossed the line when the majority of the unemployed also have college education.  And it is accelerating, because the community colleges are packing them in, and forming waiting lists.  So it is a simple fact that in the majority of cases and education equals unemployment.

The disaster is systemic because courses offered in a community college mean more debt for the taxpayers.  You see, no matter what a student pays, the majority of the cost is covered by the taxpayers. And state institutions, being what they are, concentrate on teaching java coders to be roofers, and roofers to be java coders.  Now go be unemployed, but you cannot bankrupt your student loan.  And the congress is now working on legislation where you cannot get a passport if you owe the government money.  So if you fall behind on your student loan to become a java coder or roofer, and they need java coder or roofers badly overseas, the only way you are going overseas is if you carry a rifle and wear a uniform.  Oorah!  We already have a rule that banks cannot foreclose on active duty military, so save the house, join the army.  Semper fi to the politicians abusing you and the generals unworthy to lead you!

This downward spiral will get us to the point when our elders express a collective sigh of relief when the mass of unemployed young go off to war.  Human sacrifice to appease the gods.  There is an alternative path, but you have to think like a conscientious objector.

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