Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pro-death Catholics

With both Santorum and Gingrich pretending to be Catholics as they promote murder overseas, the top torture/drone killer is of course a Roman Catholic as well.  While bishops engage in a existential struggle for the life of the church in the USA by trying to keep government handouts flowing without strings, the general population gets the idea that the Catholic Church is pro-war.

Why is it that the same "Christians" who tell us to submit to authority (Romans 13) also want to overthrow other regimes.  Rather contradictory.

There is a prudential judgment regarding going to war.  There is not regarding murder.  That the bishops fail to make this distinction is failing in their teaching mission.  We'll all go into the fires, but that which is gold will be purified, and that which is dross will burn up.

Nary a peep from the bishops whose existence depends on handouts from the state.  In America, the only place a Christian can expect fraternal correction is from comedians.

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