Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Romans 13

The new testament tells us to submit to authority.  The right wingers take the pledge of allegiance to idolatrous heights.  They love their state.  But at the same time, they advocate the overthrow of other states.  This is a contradiction.

The state the right wingers adore came to be in disobedience to authority, the American revolution.

The constitution of this USA provides for slavery to be legal.

It is not the just war haven we are told it is.

Laurence Vance has an interesting take:

Christians who recite their "obey the powers that be" mantra and chant "Romans 13" when they want to put a divine stamp of approval on U.S. wars and militarism are falsely leading people to believe that defending US wars and military interventions has something to do with obeying the government. Obeying the government has nothing to do with believing everything the government says, accepting everything the government does, supporting the government’s troops, or defending the government’s wars. The US government hasn’t commanded any American to think or say that the war on terror is a good thing, that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are just wars, that US foreign policy should be supported, that prayers should be made for US troops, or that the US Navy is "a global force for good." And the government certainly hasn’t commanded any individual to go kill and maim on its behalf in Iraq and Afghanistan. There is no draft. No one was forced to join the military. And no one who bothered to study US military history for five minutes would joined before these wars began and not known that there was a chance he would have to kill and maim for the state.

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