Thursday, August 30, 2012

College Football Needs More Criminals

A fellow named Pinkett committed a gaffe, which is defined as someone accidentally telling the truth.  He said Notre Dame needed a few criminals on its football team in order to start winning.  People find the comment deplorable, and then note that it is accurate.

Police departments keep a few criminals around to give themselves an edge. When Officer Nicely cannot get the job done, he simply calls for "backup" and Officer Felon comes in and does the crime.

Here is a second offense officer, he had been convicted before, kicking a handcuffed woman in the head.  The people reviewing his case are three police officers.  The second-conviction officer is resisting sanctions.  Why the other two officers who stood by while a crime was committed are not in jail either is a mystery.  But hey, the are friendly officers.

The reason such officers are never punished is that those reviewing the cases want such criminals on the force.  Tolstoy talked about nice officials being cover for criminal officials.  The prosecutors, judges and everyone else naturally prefer their armed guards to some handcuffed nurse body slammed to the ground, twice.

If you feel a woman needs to be kicked in the head, do it yourself.  Don't have a society that is structured so you just pay someone else to kick a woman in the head.  That officer was using his foot on your behalf.  You paid for it.  And you vote for the people who continue this.  It's your foot.

If you do it yourself, then it is not a guaranteed death sentence if someone like me defends the woman who is being kicked in the head by armed thugs.  If I had intervened, the two other officers would have killed me.

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