Sunday, September 2, 2012

Who Planted The Bullets?

One of Ron Paul's staffers and a delegate to the Republican Convention found Hotel Security reporting there had been three unauthorized entries into her room.  Nothing seemed to be amiss until later that day when getting on an airplane TSA found bullets in her carry-on luggage.  Clearly someone broke into her room and planted the bullets.  All suspicions are on the Republicans.

But wait.  Look at the video interviewing her.  Look at the introduction.  Look at the fellow making the intro and a pitch for Ron Paulian unity.  The look at the wall behind him, and the picture of a pistol, grenade, Folding knife and AK47 spelling out LOVE.  Ron Paul's logo was rEVOLution.

For all the time I spent with Paulians, there were plenty of gun advocates, the serious, sober kind, none of whom would associate weapons with love.  The picture is in very bad taste, and tone deaf.

Anyone could have planted those bullets, even a kid who wants to keep the party going, with a cause celebre, or even a kid who is working for the bad guys.

Anyone who advocates violence, one way or another, is working for the State.

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