Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Frum On Iraq and Murder for Oil

David Frum is a Canadian who was imported into the USA to tell stories that are not true, for example, that Iraq was a threat to the USA.  He is having second thoughts.

When Bush decided to go to war in 2003, you’d think he would have been gripped by self-questioning and hot debate. That never really happened. Bush’s speechwriter David Frum looks back at the daunting messaging effort—and how Tony Blair swayed Democrats in Congress and liberal hawks in the media.

This is interesting.  He made up untrue stories that others might believe.  But he starts off his self-criticism by telling us of his fears.  But wait, since he knew what he was saying was untrue, why would he be fearful?  Anyone else might have some reason to claim to be fearful, but people who make up stories about boogie-men should hardly be afraid of the boogie man.

Glenn Greenwald takes Frum apart...  and note the widespread agreement among responsible parties that Iraq is about murder-for-oil.

We ned to rid ourselves of a standing army, at least.

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