Friday, March 15, 2013

We Hate Those We Harm

Tacitus pointed this out, and Abram showed us how to react to someone who is bent on harming us:

"What are a few sheckels between friends?"

I had a customer say to me "I will not buy anything from Iran given how much harm they have done us."

Wait, what?  How much harm they have done us?  We've waged 60 years of oppression on a country that has never threatened us, nor could they do so.  We commonly engage in acts of war.  We blew one of their civilian airliners out of the sky, killing hundreds.  We've done a lot of harm, and so we hate them.

We cannot harm anyone without the leverage to do so.  That leverage can be accumulated in disordered societies, or not.

USA spends more on "defense" than all other countries combined.  This terrifies USA citizens, who in turn own more guns that all other citizens of all other countries combined.    All that prep and fear sure takes away form peaceful productivity.

In aikido we train to let the aggressors power and leverage work against the aggressor.  When all of our hate ends badly, as it will, there will always be a better way.

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