Thursday, December 12, 2013

War Reparations

I may be a conscientious objector, and I can claim USA wars are "not in my name" but in fact USA borrows 46 cents out of every dollar it spends, and the only reason it can borrow so much is the lenders have faith USA can pay the loan back.

That faith is based on the military might that assures USA can steal enough from other countries to pay back the lending countries.

It is curious to me that the USA now has a "Africa Command," a military command over Africa, and four of five USA presidents will be at Mandela's funeral, a hero who fought to free Africa from foreign domination.  Odd that.

That 46 cents borrowed goes to pay for such things as "social security."  We steal from foreign countries to maintain our social security.  This is not right.  Well, I do not have to sign up for social security, even though I am guaranteed some $1000 a month or something, even if I expect to keep working, as I do.

On the other hand, there is nothing to keep me from signing up for the "free money" and then donating my social security checks toward war reparations.

So I went looking for charities devoted to war reparations.  no such thing.  So then I went looking for anyone who might be setting things rights after USA wars...  I found this:

It is a business, but who cares if they get the job done.  So I wrote...

On 4/12/2013, at 2:34 pm, John Spiers <> wrote:

Why is there no charity devoted to what you are doing, or specifically directed at making war reparations?

Anyway, there is your business sorting out the mess of war.

I am a Vietnam era conscientious objector, so I had no part in delivering the ordnance you seek to search and destroy, to recycle a phrase.  But I am an American, and the beneficiary of a system that can borrow 55% of its budget against fraud and violence-backed credit. So maybe not in my name, but in a few years I'll get my cut of the booty in the form of social security payments.

Of course, I can just not sign up for the dole, but it has occurred to me I could do so and direct the funds into war reparations charities to the surviving victims of those wars.  No such thing.  But nothing to keep me from sending it to you to clear whatever $1000/month might clear, in other words, pick up the tab for some clearances, as an act of war reparations.  Really has nothing to do with you, any more than the innkeeper who put up the injured traveller on the Samaritan's tab.  Just glad you're there, somebody doing something.

May I have your views on this?

John Spiers

The reply:

In reality today in Laos and Camdodia both victims of the 8 year secret bombing campaigns  it costs about $1000 min/ha (2.5ac) to clear UXO from the land every village school along the Ho Ch Minh trail has about 1ha every village family would like about 1ha for subsistence farming. PCL works very closely with every village our projects come in contact with we train and employ locals everywhere we go that way they get benefit from employment and cleared land. "Good for everyone"

If you are interested in doing something that truly makes an impact you would need to find others like yourself to raise about $8-10k/month.

If you cannot clear the problem and but wish to support victims in Laos contact COPE.
I suffer from PTSD from years of trauma and am currently back in New Zealand resting with family, but will be on my feet again in the new year.

 I ask you all to remember the sacrifices made by ex-service personnel demining and clearing other remnants of war. All of us in this calling have friends who have lost limbs and some their lives, some their sanity and most their marriages pursuing the humanitarian cause, it takes a big toll on those putting their military skills to good.
Thank you for your kind humanitarian thoughts a merry festive season to you and your family.
Yours in Peace

Michael Hayes

So, the idea is to direct the money yielded from imperialism to this company to clear the UXO left behind by our aggressive wars.  It is the least in the way of war reparations we can do, while eschewing the fruits of war we get here in USA even if we are conscientious objectors.

So when the time comes, I hope, by the grace of God, I can simply direct deposit my social security check to this company to clear mines.  If enough of us do that, whole lotta mines gonna get cleared.

Feel Free To Email This To Three Friends.

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