Sunday, December 1, 2013

Peace Rocks

World power is re-aligning, and not without bloodshed and terror.  The bankers and their oil minions realize they have gone to the well too often, and the sheer lawlessness of the last several USA regimes is no longer working out.  The tide turned in 2006 when Dick Cheney, lifelong oil man, was sent home empty handed from an oil expedition:

Mr. Cheney was recently sent to Central Asia and other regions to coax allies to significantly increase supplies to stabilize U.S. gasoline prices for the summer. Administration sources said Mr. Cheney has run into significant difficulties as he has found that many of the potential suppliers have become committed to China.
The sources said Mr. Cheney found his hosts in Central Asia to be distrustful of U.S. intentions, with some Muslim countries fearful of a regime change as that which took place in 2005 in Kyrgyzstan, regarded as the most pro-American country in the region.

After this, you will recall, Muammar Khaddafi was making nice to USA and eliminating his WMD and trading with us again but made the mistake of selling oil to the Chinese and no longer lending his money to the French.  So he got Kyrgyztanned too, and to this day Libya is a mess.

The war in Syria has a Dick Cheney connection too.

The Chinese fought with the Vietnamese against USA in the American War on Vietnam.  The Chinese fought alongside USA in Afghanistan when the Soviets occupied that country in the 1980s.  They know well how to beat our imperialism, that is wait it out.  We have been defeated in the Middle East, and now we are negotiating our way back out, such as the six month deal in Iran and the Syria de-escalation.  For all of its military power, as long as it is in pursuit of empire, we cannot take on Russia and China, who will have their hegemony in the Middle East.

So it seems things are improving.  So what is out next step?  We fly B 52s over the Daioyudao /Senkaku Islands.  Nice.
The Daioyudao /Senkaku Islands are controversial as far as China recognizes the Islands as a part of the province of Taiwan, and thus claims the Islands as it claims Taiwan, while Taiwan claims independence of China and both are at odds of Japan's claim to the Islands.

The Islands themselves are just rocks that could not host even a fish processing station.  But, there might be oil.  So, of course, this stand-off looks lethal.  And as we extricate ourselves from the Middle East mess, what do we do?  We fly B52s over those Islands to piss off the Chinese.   Unbelievable!  No wonder Obama keeps firing generals.  Whose bright idea was that?

As we sell out all of our allies in the Middle East (and imagine being the "rebel forces" in Syria right now, where all have agreed you are to be liquidated) we need to assure Japan of our support.  Taiwan knows better than to trust the USA politics, and they are on the other side from Japan in this dispute anyway.  So follow that?  Our two allies in the Pacific are against each other, and we are taking sides.

In the Middle East adult supervision in the form of Russian and Chinese diplomats has stepped in to extricate the USA from its suicidal mission.  Maybe we can return the favor in the Pacific, and come up with plan that allows us to fuss over something more substantial than rocks in the Pacific, over which people are fighting in regards to even their names.

How about everyone with claims on those Islands agrees that the rocks become some sort of World Heritage Sight or whatever, to be jointly developed by the disputants (or maybe disinterestedly developed by say the Norwegians) with the proceeds going to some sort of Third World Development program, or a slush fund for disaster relief such as was needed for the Phillipines recently.  Surely Japan, China Taiwan etc fork over more cash in foreign aid around the world than those Islands will produce.

Let's set up some sort or org that arranges such an agreement and the administers the rocks, newly renamed Peace Rocks.

I myself don't have time to work on this, but I put it out there for anyone looking for a new good deed.

Update: Those "rebel forces" have taken to eating Zoo animals to survive.  It won't be long now.

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