Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Aikido as a Martial Art

In judo and kendo, there is no pulling punches.  You go all out. In k arate and gung fu, you pull the punches while training.

In kendo and boxing, no pulling punches, but there is protective equipment for training (and they do not use real swords in kendo).

In MMA, they pull punches in training, and there are rules, so it is not really all-in fighting.

Jiu jitsu is all in, no protective equipment.

So judo, aikido and jiu jitsu are common in no "pulling punches" and no protective equipment.

Are there any other martial arts that can make that claim?

The paradox is by having no punches to speak of, within the limits of the art, one is free to go all out.  Aikido excels beyond the others inasmuch as no matter how much you bring to a throw, it will not be lethal, or even cause permanent damage.  (The fall may kill the attacker, but that is another problem.)

For example, an arm-bar is common to all three arts, but only aikido bends the elbow as part of the arm-bar.  Here again, paradoxically, a bar on bent arm hurts more but does little or no damage.

A broken elbow releases a super dose of endorphins and adrenaline into the injured system, making your opponent with a broken arm even more dangerous.  Ask a combat vet about fighting injured people.

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