Friday, November 22, 2013

Knock Out Punch

Our minimum wage laws assure that the marginally employable are certainly unemployed, where they tend to get into mischief.  I am certain that the tensions rising are being engineered, from Oprah's infelicitous comment about "racists need to die" and Obamacare being a disaster, and so on.  It is classic change the topic and "blame the black guy" all in one.

I like the crisis du jour is called the "knock out game."  In martial arts, we practice in dojos, like a gym, as in any other fun sport.  I think is important on the street is to meet threats with the attitude of "game on."  I think it is important to train with your adrenalin flowing, cause in a real confrontation, the andrenalin is flowing.  And when it is game on, you can play evenly.

Of course in this game we get cold-cocked, so it is not very sporting.  And it does not do much good for me to advise situational awareness since I have the gift of ADD and the situational awareness of a
meerkat.  Offense needs room, so when I feel threat I close in on it because defense works best in a  tight quarters.  I meet many new and interesting people this way.

Racism is ugly, but it can only be supported by th State.  The only place I can recall where I met raw, murderous racism has been in Hong Kong, my second favorite city.  Hong Kong has the same range of people as any other city, including the madly racist.  The difference is in Hong Kong none of them have the power to act on their impulses, so life goes on peaceably in spite of how some people can be.

With power comes the leverage to act on racism, and no place more so than working for the State.  I personally know at least one person who joined law enforcement to "beat the shit out of n------"  Lucky he retired before youtube.

Hong Kong has a State, but it does not haver the power to keep racism alive.

This "knock-out game" is not somewthign new, we have a term for it, cold-cocked.  Old activity.

And a group of people coming at some unsuspecting fellow and doing him wrong is nothing new.
We are social beings, but not socialist beings.  If we get rid of too much state we can allow people to flourish and at the same time deny the misanthropists the leverage to do their thing.

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