Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Aikido Tactics

Offense needs room, defense can be in a tight place.

When someone is attacking you, they need room to move and position themselves for the very risky prospect of doing you harm.  This is why in defending yourself, you best friend is to quickly close in and not give the opponent time or space to optimize an attack.   One rarely considered and counterintuitive move when in danger is to wheel around on your pursuers and close the distance.  Whatever they hoped to do is now compromised.  You bring your defense into a tight place upon the attackers.

Sometimes it is best not to counter attack, because attacks take space, but stay on the defensive.

Think of a home invasion scenario where you might be inclined to push attackers back outside where you'll defend yourself.  May be better to let them in, in to a tight hallway where their options are limited.

When in a scrape, how much space do you have?  So, attack or defend?

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