Monday, November 25, 2013

Cop Impersonates Man, Rapes 19 Year Old

A police officer in uniform, on duty, rapes a 19 year old and gets a paid vacation.  The equipment in his car that would have caught him on tape was malfunctioning which often happens if filming police wrongdoing.

The police chief pretends to be outraged, when in fact this is selective firing.  It must be that this fellow is so odious that event he police don't want him.

Until every police department has an independent civilian review with the power to imprison wrongdoers, none of us are safe.   Cops will always claim a "few bad apples" but odd, it took them eleven years to notice a problem?

Without civilian review with the power to prosecute, it is a rotten core with a few bad apples to dress up the regime.

And what we are always told, just cooperate with the police, and you have nothing to fear.  If you are innocent, you have everything to fear from the police.  if you are guilty, you'll be protected.

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