Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Passivism of Force

Pacifists facilitate peace where conflict is manifest.

I was listening to a liberal go on about guns and force and glorification of violence and how this all leads to war, and it occurred to me how right she was, although she may not have realized it.

Think of the people who join the military or law enforcement, and now increasingly, both.    Without thinking it through, they pledge their lives to an abstract, a state, and accept the narrative that they are taking risks to benefit others.

Now there is no doubt that the deaths and wounds and disabilities to our soldiers and cops are real, but 19 year olds also believe they are bulletproof.

19 year olds are not really in a position to weight the pros and cons of joining up.  The simply accept, unthinkingly, the narrative about the abstract.  This is the essential nature of passivism, to be passive in the face of evil, as opposed to pacifism, which is to be active in the face of evil.

Passivism is violent and leads to a downward spiral.  Pacifism is nonviolent and leads to an upward spiral, although participants get every bit as deaded as passivists.  But then, pacifists are answering to a higher calling, not an abstract.

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