Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lessons From Finland

It has been pointed out that to maintain occupation armies a country must become a police state, and so it is with the USA, Soviet Union, etc.  Occupation invites resistance, which must be suppressed, which in turn is a downward spiral into the police state. North Korea & Cuba occupy no other country and are police states, so it it is not sufficient reason, but it is necessary.

From Finland's history comes some lessons:

We have the example of Jews fighting alongside Germans in WWII against the Soviets in Finland.  The Jews rationalized they were fighting for Finland, not for nazism.  But one lesson:  
The men were Finnish, they had the full support of their superior officers, and the Germans – while often shocked to find themselves fighting alongside Jews – did not have the authority to upbraid them. In fact, where they found themselves outranked by a Jewish officer, they were forced to salute.
Just so...  no power to abuse.   It is a law that allows one group to abuse another.  never give a state the power to make a law.
“I have heard a story about one Jewish soldier who was making his way back to camp with a German of a similar rank,” says Simon. “The Jew said to the German, ‘When we get back to camp, don’t tell people I’m Jewish.’ The German replied, ‘But nothing would happen to you – you’re a Finnish soldier. It’s me who would get into trouble.’?”
Just so...   abusers are as deformed as the abused.  Once the laws are made, it is a downward spiral as much for the beneficiaries as the victims.

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