Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Camden 28 Today

We have no priests, lawyers, labor, academics against the wars far worse and less just today than the Vietnam war then...  I just turned 18 when this trial ended, a trial of a raid on a draft board by anti-war (pro-peace) activists.  It is sad there people trying to end the wars then, but not now.  Back then, the government was constrained by hard money economics.  The war tax mentioned on the poster in the early scene was on telephone bills.  That is how hard up government was for money.  But then, Nixon got rid of the gold standard (lite) and they could come up with seemingly endless credit, enough to buy off all labor, academia, religion, law, medicine...  you name it.  It all went corrupt.

What cost the government the trial was too much participation in making the "crime" happen.  No FBI agent lost his job over that.  Today, are there any terrorist cases in which the government has not stage-managed the "crime?"

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