Sunday, July 26, 2015

Daddy, What Did You Do During the War?

Well, when USA was fighting communists in Vietnam, I was trading with the Chinese Communists who were making the USA defeat possible.  I was trading because the anti-communist Nixon had opened trade relations with China in a political effort to save Mao's bacon so Mao could save Nixon's.

Yes, rather crazy that.  Of course I was never in that war or any war, my participation was limited to objecting conscientiously.

So what did I do during the (Vietnam) war? I traded with the Communists.  Like he Bush family, that traded with the Nazis during WWII.
 Five of the Bush family companies were seized by Congress in this manner. Congressinvoked the Trading with the Enemy Act and seized the Bush-Harriman-managed Thyssen entityHamburg-American Line, under Vesting Order No. 126. Thereafter, under Order No.248, and then Vesting Order No. 259, and ultimately Vesting Order No. 261 various otherbusinesses were seized. None of this is secret, it is all in public records. There isevidence there were more going on, which were not caught.
Yea, my family has been here longer than the Bushes, and did a lot more wicked things too.  People are starting to talk about "white privilege".  That's not the problem, it is entitlement, that you can do what you want.  That is the real problem.

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