Monday, October 22, 2012

How a Conscientious Objector Stands

Have you noticed how people in power and those around them grab their peepees when they get together?

Never do this.  If you feel it is necessary then something is wrong.  You have some feral fear you are acting out, and you must conscientiously object to your own impulse.

If you must do something with your hands, you can cross your arms, but this is a challenge too.  Here are people doing it wrong:

Here is is done right, as a martial artist.  Note the hands are not trapped by the arms.  Each of these people can instantly launch a hand.

With one arm merely lying atop another, hand over elbow, and elbow over hand, and only the outer hand grasping an elbow, the outer hand can launch and strike immediately (see James Demile) and the inner arm can protect the lower body.

Best to just leave your hands at your side. But if you want to keep people wondering, keep one hand in a jacket pocket.

Or to be truly unnerving, keep one hand behind you.

Not sure why anyone would do this...

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