Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tablighi Jamaat

There is an islamic worldwide pacifist movement I had never heard of until I began studying Islamic Finance.  Of course they do not care to be "heard of" except among Moslems, but as far as Wikipedia reports, it is quite encouraging.

Yet, since it is Moslem, the powers that be assume it is evil automatically.  this from the Wikipedia site, after paragraphs of praise"

Although Tabligh Jamaat has claimed a pacific stance since its inception, after the 9/11 attacks in the USA, concerns have risen about its role as a springboard to terrorist organizations. It was cited on the cases of John Walker Lindh,[46] and dozens of the captives the USA holds in extrajudicial detention in its Guantanamo Bay detention camps, in Cuba, had their continued detention justified in part through their alleged association with the Tabligh Jamaat.
A report by International Crisis Group titled Islamist terrorism in the Sahel: Fact or Fiction?" described Tabligh Jamaat as "strictly non-political with a compromising outlook and attitude, and has never been linked directly to violence or actions which can be classified as being detrimental to imperial,western,colonial,capitalist,political,diplomatic and military interests ." and further explained that no interviewed source could identify an instance where Tabligh Jamaat members broke the law or engaged in specifically political activity in Mali, Niger, Chad and Mauritania.[47]
Also, some notable people hold opinions contrary to terrorism allegations.
"peaceful and apolitical preaching-to-the-people movement."[48]
Graham Fuller,  a former CIA official and an expert on Islam, (author of The Future of Political Islam)
"completely apolitical and law abiding."[49]
Olivier Roy,  a prominent authority on Islam at the French National Centre for Scientific Research
"an apolitical, quietist movement of internal grassroots missionary renewal"[6]
Barbara D. Metcalf, University of Michigan,  (While comparing its activities to the Alcoholics Anonymous for the efforts to reshape individual lives)

No doubt some of the people rotting in Gitmo are pacifists.  Or maybe no longer.

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