Friday, October 12, 2012

Why Women In Combat?

Here is a 2 minute story on a air force fighter pilot, a woman.  If you do not ask the right question, it's unlikely you'll get the right answer.

Why would a woman want to be a fighter pilot?  All answers get down to this:

Because they want to, and discrimination on the basis of race, class or gender is wrong.

So let's break that down.  Answering "because they want to" in reply to "why do they want to" is a circular argument.    The answer must be more in depth than that, the meeting of some aspiration.  I think that is fair to assert:

1. I want to fly fantastic machines.

2. I want to defend our country.

3. I am good at it, and in a free country I should be allowed to do it.

All very good.  hang on to that...

Discrimination on the base of race or class is wrong because there is no human difference in race or class.  There are differences between male and female.  This point you can tell is important, because it is the point at which the fur flies among discussants.  The centers on whether any differences matter given the work at hand.  I would agree with those who claim as a practical matter, any male/female differences in performance can be managed away.

The flack covers the critical matter of difference.  Women can bear children, men cannot.

Given all this fighter pilot has accomplished, it is nothing compared to what she would have achieved raising a family.  Given all of the challenges she faced, even as a pioneer, those challenges are less than any she would have faced as wife and mother.

As a fighter pilot, she will have left absolutely no legacy, no trace of her having been here in life.  She will soon be forgotten.  Why would someone forgo all of that just to be a fighter pilot, or judge or fire fighter or any other job any man can do?

Why not do both?  Why give up half of your capability, again, when any man can do the job?

There is a reason why this is going on...  we live in an era when men have abandoned women and children in law and culture.  This is terrifying to women and kids.  The kids escape into video games and school-dispensed drugs, while the moms become cops, firefighter and fighter pilots, knowing full well, in a fight, the women are on their own in USA.

If it is unlikely your husband will protect you and your kids, because in law and culture this is frowned upon, then the balance is tilted toward no kids, and a violence based profession, so you can defend yourself.

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