Friday, August 23, 2013

Black on White Crime: We Are Being Scammed

After a Hispanic-American kills a young man of some African ancestry, and it becomes the perfect cause-celebre: both sides can get very angry since neither side can know what happened.  A blank slate to draw what you like.

Positions have dramatically hardened.  Never before in USA history has media, if you include the comments sections of stories, included such hatred and racism of such depth and breadth.

And this week comes two stories, one of a visiting baseball player who is executed by some punk thugs, and now another old man beaten to death.  The baseball players death was serving the anti-gun lobby, so the fact that another man is beaten to death helps balance that anti-gun story back to a thug story, with the emphasis of thugs of some African heritage.

I have no doubt that if not prepared to deal with a physical altercation, far more Americans need to be armed.  If you believe you have a right to kill in order to save your life and the lives of those you love, then it is time for you to get to a gun range.  Not everyone needs to be armed, just enough to where thugs have no idea who is armed.  Rather cools the ardor of such cowards.  When seconds count, the cops will be there in ten or so...  officer safety and all that.

What do we learn from the detail that the murderers were of some African ancestry?  Well, not much, so you must fill in the blank.  Kids killed baseball player.  OK.  They are of African ancestry.  OK, now what?  Well, fill in the blanks.  Make what you want of it.  But you won't learn anything.  It is up to the crowd to assign a meaning to it.

Now pause for a moment though.  Nothing said about people of some African heritage today is any different than what was said about the Irish 150 years ago.

But the percentages show that "black on white crime" is wildly disproportionate.  Ah.  Would you prefer white people killed the baseball player, and white kids beat the old man to death?  Does it really matter who did the murder, we need to deal with those who murder.  The moment we introduce race is the moment we take our eye off violence.  To the extent we deal with the "problems of race" is the extent we excuse ourselves from being responsible for effective action.  Let someone else handle it, "it" being the contrived problems associated with the target group.

Yes, poor people tend to attack rich people, because the rich tend to have money.  In USA the poor tend to be people who pigment runs tan or darker, and the rich light and lighter.

So how are we being scammed.  As to murder, everything happens.  Men v women, kids v adults, this race v that race, you name it, it happens.  The government-owned media can select any series of stories to support a narrative.  The scam is we are treated to only those articles which advance the "divide and conquer" agenda necessary to protect the powers that be who have so thoroughly fouled the nest that they need to pit Hispanic v African,  rich v poor, "white" v African, etc.

Pacifists pacify.  That punk with a gun is to be dealt with directly.  If you are not a pacifist, why the hell are you not armed?  There are punks, "white" and "black" who kill people for fun.  Who is the cop in anarchy?  You are.  Never buy into the argument that the Irish are culturally inferior, naturally violent, stupid, ugly, lazy, murderous thieves.  But if you are ever threatened by an Irishman, or anyone else for that matter, you should be the one who safely steps away from the altercation.

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