Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Best Anti-war Film Yet

The utter pointlessness of the war in Afghanistan is captured in the 2010 film meant to highlight our success in that country.  Obviously the USA generals, politicians to a man, had scripted the most delirious story line.  It plays out poorly.

It's called Battle of Marjah, although there is not much in the way of battle.  The Captain in charge of one company is woefully ignorant of US Marine Corp of which he is a member.  He asserts the marines are ready to go wherever the President says.  Look at your paycheck captain, the marines are under the USNavy.  They tell you what to do.  Although to his credit, just what are marines doing performing "hearts and minds" missions?  Weird.

The reason we are in Afghanistan is to control the flow of oil by pipelines, and to steal the munificent natural resources of Afghanistan.  Nothing else. It is a pure criminal act.

The story has a US Drug enforcement "law enforcement" attach√©, who is there to assure the Taliban do not compete with USA intelligence service in the lucrative drug trade worldwide.  Reporters, like the San Jose Mercury hero (they fired him) do get suicided for reporting on this.

The USA is suppresses the opium crop.  It has been traded worldwide since 3500 BC.  It is valued as a palliative for people with incurable, painful illnesses.  That we suppress it so we can be the only player in the illegal drug trade means that women suffering from terminal cancer have to die horrible slow deaths in Senegal so our intel services can have off-budget funding.

One of the villagers says "the marines think anyone with a beard is Taliban."  Indeed, tell me about it.  The USGovernment thinks anyone in USA who travels is a terrorist.  I get patted down regularly.  It is just how government thinks and acts.

The marines kill three little girls in their work in Marjah.  I have three daughters.  I am a conscientious objector, but that does me no good.  My daughters are forfeit, as good as dead, because what goes around comes around.  The fact they are not dead is because God's patience is ordered to my salvation. He wants me to repent of my sin of benefitting from the rape and murder of Afghanis by the USMilitary.  I am no better than the soldiers committing crimes in my name.

With a mission to drive the Taliban out, the captain admits in the end he is hiring Taliban to police the town.  Utterly pointless deployment of the military.   But we have a standing military, and politicians as generals, so they must justify their existence by delivering resources stolen from other countries.

We could trade, but as long as the supply of young men willing to "battle" rather risklessly, except for the high rate of suicide, it is easier for the powers that be just to deploy more troops wherever.

My only defense is we have voted against this regularly, but election fraud is material in USA.  We have no representation in government.

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