Monday, July 29, 2013

USA Military Adventurism Makes For Isolation

What are the chances Russia will invade USA in the next 20 years?  Zero.  How about China?  Zero.   Canada?  France?  Costa Rica?  Zero.

What will happen if USA withdraws it forces from the 210 countries we have soldiers, and cuts back taxes equal to the cut in costs?  Country'll grow.

Right now China and Russia are playing it exactly right:  stand back and let everyone hate USA as USA becomes isolated worldwide for its military adventurism.  This military adventurism hurts business prospects as we spiral downward.

If we were to put our swords away then the Chinese and Russians would have to deal with their own policies, and not let our worse policies make USA the target the #1 threat to peace and prosperity.

The problem with democracies is they make it too easy to get into war.

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