Monday, July 15, 2013

Killing Trayvon

A Seattle lawyer mentioned that trials are just morality plays, meant to instruct the faithful.  A jury ruled that Mr. Zimmerman was not guilty of murder or manslaughter.  (I wonder how many murderers call the police and THEN commit murder?) They arrived at this verdict by studying the fact of the case.  Mr. Zimmerman has an articulate brother who defended the verdict. Trayvon's parents called for respecting the verdict.

The news media insists USA is "gripped by a second night of fury."  Hmmm... must have missed the first night.    Maybe cooler heads are prevailing, but does not push ratings.

This was a polarizing case, apparently (I haven't followed it), proposing on one side self-defense and on the other racial profiling that turned lethal for a child.  One side has called it a lynching.

For my part I think verdicts tell us nothing, but what we do see is the case being used by people of some African heritage to highlight an endless train of abuses they experience.  Indeed, we have a system that does not punish doctors for running cruel and deadly (as well as pointless) medical experiments on people of some African heritage.  We flood the neighborhoods of some African heritage with welfare and crack.  We make crack a bigger crime than the cocaine lawyers, cops and judges use.  We can keep at this train of abuses all day.

I would go farther, those liberal powers that be that enforce the racial classifications such as "black" and set up programs which move to the head of a line (not THE line, just a line) the best "black" vs the best candidate, and at the same time make sure architects and other professions are strictly limited.  They advance people of some African heritage who are actually quite odious while jailing massive amounts of nonviolent criminals.  The liberals did decide long ago they would advance their agenda against people of some African heritage by recruiting preachers of some African heritage.

I attended a three day seminar at the University of Washington this Spring that detailed how the Nazis, among other items,  used the Jews to round up the Jews.  There is nothing unique in an elite cooperating in the elimination of their own.  It is not the hand you are dealt, it is how you play the cards.  This starts, as in Germany, with racial classifications.  We are supposed to say "black" when referring to people of some African heritage.  It is an act of conscientious objection to limit oneself to the term, when referring to Americans of some African heritage, as Americans.

Another frank discussion was on the topic of the use of the holocaust as a sort of currency in politics.  There is much empty value in claiming victimhood, even if true.

The help people of some African heritage get from progressives is no help at all.  What people need is freedom, that ether in which God resides and mankind experiences in exercising his will.  What is terrible is when the freedom is circumscribed in law and in social conditioning.

USA has a dual original sin of racism and violence.  The target is people of of some African heritage.  This leads to people of of some African heritage acting out, or feeling justified in giving tit for tat, violence and racism in return for violence and racism.    (In these scenes, there were many police standing by, doing nothing.  Anyone who believes police will help you if it means the slightest risk to themselves are delusional. You are on your own.)

That is bad enough.  But even before that, we are denied the good of the creativity of those whose prospects are circumscribed by the progressives projects.  Every country plays this game, in USA the target is people of some African heritage.  Yes, we are all denied the good of the contributions of many people, especially people of some African heritage.  Racial identification and socially conditioning the discussion as whites vs people of some African heritage, then the game is on.

Having said that, now that the elite is clamoring for violence, there will be many instances in which random, pointless violence will occur.  If you believe the police should meet the violence, well, look how long they took to get to the scene of the Trayvon killing after the first call.  Some eight minutes.  Trayvon was dead by the time the cops got there.  If you believe violence is appropriate, then you need to get a gun and train with it.

If not, then practice a nonviolent martial art.  Because like that girl in the video above, citizens are taught to let the police handle it, and the police are taught "officer safety" above all things.  You are on your own.

The powers that deny people the freedom to act are presently fomenting violence.  At which point, people need to be willing to act.  Because of the killing of Trayvon, there will be more killings.  But maybe that is the point.

Racial politics is a tremendous money maker.  It is a terrible thing for the targets.  The targets are being incited to take revenge.  You need to be ready to not be a target of a target.

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