Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Instructor Downward Spiral

There is a downward spiral among some instructors.  For lack of practice under others, their oeuvre narrows and within that narrowed oeuvre the quality slips.  Nonetheless, the promotions continue.

No superior aikidoist will embarrass an inferior aikidoist who is instructing (or it is extremely bad form to do so).  And no inferior aikidoist will challenge what the instructor teaches.

The downward spiral continues when potential students come in and see risible aikido, and become disinterested.   A sort of least common denominator sets in.  Too bad.

This is no "fake aikido master" because the "master" in this instance has nothing to do with aikido.  Apparently he is the leader of some group of some "martial" art.  The lesson is an entire group of people can come to believe their system "works."  The other victim in this video is the fellow who won the match.  He too believe the guy could defend himself.    And it is very sad to see him regretfully attending to the loser at the end.

A simple corrective would be for people who only instruct to take lessons elsewhere and submit to correction.  Let them try what they have convinced themselves works in a learning mode, not a teaching mode.  Aikido'll grow.

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