Friday, July 19, 2013

If Trayvon Was Armed He'd Be Alive Today

There are countless clear cut cases of outrageous injustice, racist killings, but in the Trayvon case it is not possible to know what happened.  Only two people know, and one is dead.  For what it is worth a jury said no foul.

But let's take the opposition's word for it:  Zimmerman murdered Trayvon.    If so, had Trayvon been armed, he could have protected himself against Zimmerman.  It would mean Trayvon would have to train to be competent with a gun, but that is the price of self-defense with a gun.

If there is, as the opposition to the jury claims, an open season on young males of some African heritage, then they should arm themselves.

All hail young armed males of African heritage.

Why not?

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