Thursday, July 4, 2013

Too Much Government

Anarchists love government, as long as it is voluntary.  Therefore, The Government, with its monopoly on violence and coercive power, is anathema to anarchists.

People say, "no government, then you will be in Somalia!"  No, Somalia had a Government, and then came the Italians, Russians, USA, etc, and were overwhelmed by too much government.

There is a continuum of The Government, which runs from more to less.  At any point in a crisis, people can go either way, more government or less government.  History shows that when we ever go for more government, things get worse.  When we go for less government, things get better.

Less government is not "closer to Somalia" it is closer to Hong Kong.

When the Trotskyites say "Never waste a crisis" they mean take the opportunity to run toward more government.

Today let's juxtapose two crises.  Portugal and Egypt.  Portugal, as you see in the article, has leaders calling for more government (by submitting to the IMF).  Egypt has ousted its president and has the Chief Judge holding down two jobs.  Net less government.  Jubilation in the streets.

Now, either can go bad at any time.  C'est la vie.  But remember the continuum, less Government, the more peace and prosperity.  The more government, hello Somalia.

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