Saturday, July 6, 2013

Just War

Here is Obama on the intelligence scandals:

Here is one of those actors in the war on terror:

He could decline his pension.  He could go to Afghanistan and all of those countries and turn himself in to stand trial. He could have resigned 3 months in.
Bryant is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder after his five years as a drone operator. He said he sought help for the emotions he was experiencing on his job but 'one of the weird things about the whole drone community is you don't talk about anything that you've done. You just don't,' he told NPR.
He could work at repentance.  So far he is just telling people about how he feels bad.  How about how bad the families of those who died at your toy feel?

But he does make clear, the military lied to him.  Why there is no prosecution of recruiters who lie, I don't know.  Perhaps he should visit that recruiter, and take it up with him.

A police officer gave me a very extensive overview of how police violate rights constantly.

The fact is, we are crazy to trust out security to a executive, judiciary and legislative branch.

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