Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sheer Joy of Judo

Judo is so beautiful!

I did some training over the years with judoka after explaining I wanted help with my koshinage, etc.  sort of "remedial aikido."  Many top aikido players came out of judo.  The instructors were welcoming.  With aikido you can hold your own against a judoka of your own weight and class, if

A. You do not try judo-style techniques

B. You do not try to defeat him.

Here is the kind of fraud that gives aikido a bad name.  No idea who this is, but I've sparred with judoka.  They come at you like in the video above.  The aikido man below has grabbed the judo man judo style.  Never do that.  The judo man will try to take you off balance as he goes off balance. One tactic is to never let the judo man go off balance.  As you keep your balance (one point, weight underside, complete relax, extend ki) just counter every time the judo man begins to position for a throw.    If your question is how to defend yourself against a judo attack, I'd asked how come you pissed off a judo man?  If your going to make a aikido vs video, bring in a real "vs".

Incidently, all judo moves, such as in the video above, are legit aikido moves, although not all aikido moves are legit judo moves.

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