Monday, August 26, 2013

War Reparations

The criminal acts of the USA in invading Iraq and Afghanistan, and now our incursions into Syria will at some point end, but it is never too late to begin reparations for war crimes.  Expecting a US Government to do the right thing is ludicrous.  For example, Vietnam kept some POWs back to assure USA would honor its reparation commitments, but USA simply abandoned the POWs to their fate rather than give up a dime in reparations.

What's a people to do when our votes do not count, because of those who count the votes?

Well, one reason we are in 180 countries stealing what we can is to support our unfunded liabilities, for example social security.  As I understand it, everyone eventually gets social security,

We "borrow" 55 cents of every dollar we spend.  No one would lend us the money if did not have the "credit" to lend against, and our ability to mulct from so many countries in so many was is the basis of our welfare state.

So, is there a way for individuals to make war reparations given this system?

You bet.  Direct transfer your Social Security payments to the victims of USA aggression.  Now, they keep sliding up the "benefits date" so I think I would get full "benefits" at 67, so I have another decade or so, but I guess I can get partial benefits at 62.  But I intend to keep working until I drop dead, indeed, I expect to drop dead working, and I guess benefits are cut if you earn.

But whatever it is, one cannot in god conscience accept benefits that are the direct result of aggression.  So we need to set up a system in which social security payments are transferred back to the people who were harmed in the pursuit of funding bad ideas to begin with.

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