Thursday, September 19, 2013

Shoot 'Em Up!

A few years back I listened to a comedian of some African heritage talking about how whenever he hears a story about a mass shooting he could rest assured the shooter was not black.  I do not recall the whole routine or the name of the comedian, but it was interesting and funny, and true.  My thought at the time si the people behind the experiments which lead to these shootings happen to be profoundly racist as a group, and prefer not to experiment on people of African heritage when it comes to psychological manipulation.  They are happy to experiment with physical manipulation, like the Tuskegee experiments, which introduced to the world unwilling human subjects to experiments, but not psychological.

But now comes a shooter of some African heritage.  So, have they now included people of African heritage in the experiments?

How come there have been no people for African heritage before?  How come the government demands medical records be super secret, even though no one asked for this?

When I hear of one of these regularly scheduled mass shootings, the first thing I listen for is the kill ratio.  In this case 12 dead, 8 wounded...  I think military.  Only a trained shooter can get that high od a ratio.

Why is it so many people who have been trained to kill and then get medical help end up killing a lot of people?

At any time will we ever look at the medicine?  Nooooo... that is super secret...  Since no one ever went to jail of Tuskegee, we will forever have these medical experiments...

Time for truth commissions...

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