Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Truth Commissions In Action

I do not care for ideas that have no precedence, that have never worked.  Ideas that are in play right now are even better as a source of inspiration.  The idea I have been flogging, truth commissions, in which criminals are offered immunity for complete disclosure, is actually in place right now, and works.

For example, a typical top level federal bureaucrat, who engages in criminal activity, is being thrown under the bus by her bosses.  So she in turn is asking for immunity, if she testifies.
IRS scandal figure Lois Lerner is negotiating through her lawyers with Rep. Darrell Issa’s House Oversight and Government Reform Committee about possibly gaining immunity to testify again in the committee’s investigative hearings.
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Never mind we are paying her salary, so she ought no

1.  Commit criminal acts

2. Hide the truth...

But the fact is she does, so we need truth commissions.  Let's welcome these instances, and open them wide ...  if you have committed a crime, then you can escape punishment if you come clean.

There is the problem of the community to which you must return after you are acquitted, but then that is your problem.

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